P1vital consultancy

P1vital Consultants:

Dr Gerry Dawson
Dr Colin Dourish

Advisors include:

Professor Bill Deakin
University of Manchester
Professor Guy Goodwin
University of Oxford
Professor Catherine Harmer
University of Oxford
Professor Robin G Morris
King's College Hospital London
Professor David Nutt
Imperial College London

The P1vital Consultancy Team

P1vital's senior management team has over 50 years combined experience in research and development of drugs for CNS indications. We are experienced in all aspects of drug development

P1vital has a highly experienced and respected Advisory Panel of world renowned consultant psychiatrists, psychopharmacologists and key opinion leaders.

From the P1vital senior management group and our panel of advisors we can assemble a bespoke consultancy team to guide the development of your compound.

For Biotech companies, we can help to identify the best Pharma partner to maximise your probability of success in late stage clinical development.


P1vital Consultancy Services

We can offer advice and guidance on:

  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. Project management
  3. Drug targets in psychiatry including:
    • Adenosine receptors
    • Cannabinoid receptors
    • Dopamine receptors
    • GABA receptors
    • Glutamate receptors
    • 5-HT receptors
    • Neuropeptide receptors
  1. Innovative clinical study designs
  2. Synopsis and protocol development
  3. Clinical studies to assess potential
    compound efficacy in: