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P1Vital Secures HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument Funding Award

€4m Funding from EU Commission for New Healthcare Innovation to improve the Treatment of Depression

Innovative Oxfordshire based healthcare company P1vital Limited (P1vital) announces that it has been awarded €4 Million from the EU Commission for further clinical research across Europe of a novel medical device to improve the treatment of depression.

The P1vital PReDicT (Predicting Response to Depression Treatment) project received the EU funding under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme and is one of 44 projects to be successful from 962 proposals received in June 2015.  

The objective of the PReDicT project is to conduct clinical, health economic and commercial research to validate the clinical performance and complete the pre-commercial development of the eHealth Emotional Test Battery (eH-ETB), a unique medical device to improve the treatment and management of depression in clinical practice. On completion of the PReDicT project, the eH-ETB will be ready for market launch.

The eH-ETB runs on any device with web access.

The eH-ETB runs on any device with web access.
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The eH-ETB is the first device of its kind and is a major breakthrough in the treatment of depression. The eH-ETB has the potential to significantly reduce the time for patients’ suffering from this serious illness to return to good mental health.

It can take several months for physicians to identify an effective antidepressant treatment for their patients. The eH-ETB will enable physicians to identify after only 1 week of starting treatment, whether or not an antidepressant is working. This information will significantly reduce the time required to identify an effective treatment and thereby decrease the time to response and remission for depressed patients.

P1vital’s eH-ETB device has been developed using the same technology as a validated clinical trial version that has been used by the pharmaceutical industry in drug development over the last 10 years. P1vital recently demonstrated that this technology could be successfully applied in a healthcare setting through a UK Proof of Concept study (funded by SBRI Healthcare, NHS England) which showed that the eH-ETB after 7-9 days could predict with 78% certainty whether a patient was not going to respond to an antidepressant.

Jonathan Kingslake

Jonathan Kingslake
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Jonathan Kingslake, Chief Operating Officer of P1vital commented:

We are delighted with the award and that our innovation in the mental health arena has been recognised and supported by the European Commission.”

“With an estimated 350million people worldwide suffering from depression, the opportunity to improve millions of lives by accelerating patient recovery from depression is very exciting. We look forward to commencing this project which will provide the evidence and the business case to maximise the global adoption of the product across the healthcare sector.”


For more information on the PReDicT study or the P1vital eH-ETB, contact Jonathan Kingslake on 01865 522 030 or or go to



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A screen from the eH-ETB Test

A screen from the eH-ETB Test
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A results screen from the P1vital eH-ETB

A results screen from the P1vital eH-ETB.
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The P1vital logo

The P1vital logo. Click to enlarge.


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Editor’s Notes:

Horizon 2020

The Horizon2020 programme is for innovative, ambitious and passionate SMEs with global ambitions.

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, the European Commission is hand-picking potentially disruptive businesses to invest and support as part of the SME Instrument.

Applicants need to be high growth, highly innovative SMEs with global ambitions that want to disrupt the established value networks and existing markets. They should be driven, actively investing in innovation, and looking to grow.

P1vital Background

P1vital is an innovative Clinical Research Organisation specialising in experimental medicine for CNS disorders and obesity. P1vital provides innovative products and services for pharmaceutical company clients developing novel therapies for the treatment of disabling CNS conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and cognitive disorders.

P1vital has developed the P1vital® Oxford Emotional Test Battery (ETB) which is being used by pharmaceutical companies to assess the efficacy of novel antidepressants in clinical trials in both the UK and the US.


The eHealth Emotional Test Battery (eH-ETB) is now being introduced by P1vital for use in healthcare to more rapidly detect antidepressant responses and to help physicians identify the most effective  therapy for their patient.

P1vital’s mission for the eH-ETB is to accelerate recovery from depression and thereby reduce the burden of the illness on patients, families, healthcare providers, employers and society.