What is the P1vital eH-ETB?

A Breakthrough Device to Manage the Treatment of Depression

Currently it takes 4-6 weeks after starting antidepressant therapy before a physician can detect whether the treatment is working, and more than 50% of patients fail to respond to the first antidepressant prescribed.

Therefore, it can take months before a physician identifies an effective antidepressant therapy for their patient. During this time a patient’s ability to work and function socially is severely impaired. Consequently, patients with depression may be absent from work for many months and this places a substantial burden on the individual, their family, healthcare resources and the economy.

The eH-ETB is the first device of its kind for managing the treatment of depression and can predict whether or not an antidepressant is working within 1 week of starting treatment.

So how does the eH-ETB work?

eH-ETB on iPad

The eH-ETB is available online on any platform with web access.

Patients complete a simple computerised test online both before and after one week of antidepressant treatment. The eH-ETB device measures subtle changes in the way patients interpret emotional information which is a predictor of subsequent mood change 4-6 weeks later.

The eH-ETB can be completed by patients within a clinical facility or at home.

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